Do you know, even when the most of counties in Bay Area are in dark due to PG&E Shut down, some emergency stations remain a sturdy lifeline to surrounding homes, schools and businesses. Self-sufficient, they survived in the absence of PG&E. What was the thing which helps them survive?

In response to power shutoffs, homeowners, businesses and managers of critical facilities, such as city halls, fire stations, hospitals and schools, currently buy fossil fuel-powered back-up generators. But diesel generators are not the solution. They are heavy polluters, noisy, expensive to operate and non reliable. Further, replenishing the supply of fuel is not always possible during an emergency.

Having your Solar Power System is an option available against any future planned or unplanned shutoffs of utility companies in an ever hotter and drier California. In order to get secured from such incidents, one must have their own independent power system, micro grid(mini grid) solar system which generates, stores and releases energy when required and operates properly even when your utility companies fail.

Mini-grids are independent, decentralized electricity networks that can function separately from a national grid. Well-suited to small and medium-size industries renewable energy mini-grids can now be the best solutions for situations like PG&E Shutdown, we face this year.

Even the Govt. these days supports this green energy initiative and offers a whopping 30 percent tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties but the same is for the year 2019 only after that the same is going to step down. Contact Us to take your first steps towards the green energy initiative, savings, and uninterrupted power supply.