Last PG&E shutdown broke the long-held paradigm for millions of people in California that their homes or businesses will always have power. Around 2 million peoples across the Bay Area and nearby area in Northern California had to spent not only hours but days without power. Schools, Universities, Retail Stores, Shopping Malls and even Industries were closed for multiple days. . The loss due to this shutdown is estimated to be about $2.5 billion. .

The reasons PG&E provided for this “preventative” shutdown are immaterial. Most consumers were caught off-guard and had to deal with this event with helpless irritation and frustration.  Whats even more frustrating is that PG&E has clearly stated that these shutdowns will continue into the future.

So what to do? Fortunately, solar “mini-grids” provide an elegant and cost effective solution. A mini-grid is your own power generating station which continues to power your needs when PG&E decides to turn off their power to your premises. A mini grid comprises of solar panels, inverters, battery storage and a transfer switch. Mini-grid operates like a typical grid-connected solar+storage system when the grid power is available providing you with all the benefits of net-metering; but in case of a power outage, the transfer switch segregates your electrical network from the grid and powers your loads based on the generated or stored energy. To download our whitepaper on mini-grid technology, click here.

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