Solar Energy promises a cleaner and brighter energy future. While operating large scale solar parks, project managers were seen struggling to keep the output max. Mostly harsh and arid environments are become key challenges in getting optimum output from a largescale solar power plant. Alone soiling is one of the greatest impediments to solar energy production which can reduce panel out by 35%.

We know now that keeping solar panels clean is crucial to significantly raising solar park productivity, but how do we keep these solar panels clean? Simply, rinse solar panels with clean water which ultimately clears away loose dirt. But think about the same in contrast with a solar park where thousands of solar panels were installed. You can imagine the amount of water required, number of personnel working in the heat of the sun. Hence, the traditional cleaning process for a largescale solar project is water consuming and labour intensive.

Wonder if we do not require:

– Water to clean solar panels

– No Field personnel to work in high temperatures

– No electricity for working of the cleaning equipment

Ecoppia is a pioneer and leader in photovoltaic cleaning equipment. The company’s fully autonomous robotic solutions are deployed globally in utility-scale sites and have been field-proven to keep solar panels at year-round peak performance while minimizing O&M costs. The company recently announced that it has completed the installation of its panel-cleaning robots at a solar site in California. With this deployment, Ecoppia has reached another significant millstone, servicing more than 2,700 MW of deployed projects globally.

Ecoppia’s autonomous and water-free cleaning solution optimizes photovoltaic panel performance in solar parks while cutting operational costs. Ecoppia offers two robust solutions: Ecoppia E4 for fixed tilt solar installations and Eccopia T4 for Single Axis Tracker installations.

Why Ecoppia Robotic Cleaning Solution?

Water Free: It uses microfiber and controlled airflow cleaning system for removing panel soiling.

Energy Independent: It comes with its own solar panel and battery and does not require any external electricity to run the equipment/machine.

Ecological: Mostly cleaning equipment itself requires cleaning/maintenance but with the patented Eco-hybrid mechanism in the equipment, self-cleaning mechanisms decrease the need for maintenance.

Efficient:  Each Cleaning Fleet can be remotely managed from a computer or a mobile app. Schedule cleaning, real time data and much more.

Built to last: All components passed through rigorous stress tests in high temperatures (over 65 ¬įC) and desert conditions to ensure stability over time. ¬†All system wiring is of aluminium profiles to protect it from environmental conditions.

No Side Effect: Moving along a rigid frame, the E4 adds no load to the panel surface, and has been proven to be fully safe on both panels and Anti Reflective Coating (ARC)

The technology developed by the company can remove 99% of dust during automated cleaning operations. The technology has been independently tested by world renowned industry experts PI-Berlin (Photovoltaic Institute Berlin).