Installing a solar carport inverter is not an easy task. It requires a lot of pre-planning and safety precautions. Solar carport installers have many options while choosing an inverter for a solar carport project.

Many installers prefer string inverters for carports because they provides the reliability of multiple inverters on a larger system. The best place to install inverters is ground level in a locked cabinet, but usually there is not enough space for that under the carport. Most installers mount inverters high enough on the steel beams so they can be out of reach.

Most inverters installed in carport arrays will be shaded by the structure unlike some roof-mounted inverters, but will still be exposed to weather and higher daily operational temperatures than those sheltered in a garage; therefore,  the system owner must select an inverter that can handle cold fronts as well as high temperatures without effectively exceeding their ability to operate. Also, installing on steel poles can be very difficult as compared to wood and/or concrete.

Along with natural wear and tear on the inverter, installers must take precautions to make sure people do not damage them accidentally or intentionally.

In short, selecting the inverter that is proven to work under any weather condition with low maintenance and implementing safety precautions (as per the requirement of the project) and location.

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