Yesterday, the South Lake Tahoe city council voted unanimously to award its first solar project to Staten Solar: its airport.

This vote of confidence is the result of months of patient attention, personal dedication, and sunny determination by Staten’s rainmaker, Scott Dubois.

The man does not sell, he builds trust and helps his clients reach sound decisions. Authentic, honest, unquestionable trust.

The South Lake Tahoe airport is a smaller public airport with only one runway, though big enough to handle scheduled commercial flights. It is well run. It has to be.  While it has not had scheduled passenger service in nearly two decades, it gets plenty of VIP traffic. From Bill Clinton, to Steph Curry, to Justin Timberlake and a bevy of billionaires who fly in regularly on private jets.

The airport maintains the highest operational standards.

The process that led the council to reach its decision yesterday began a year ago. A trek of willful alignment.  Scott spent countless hours on the road from Silicon Valley to meet face to face with city officials, regional stakeholders, and administrators. Always available, always helpful, never short. A perfect ambassador for the brand and match for this client whose elected officials, staff, and residents revere its environment.

A zoology major with first-hand experience working with reptiles in academia and in the solar industry, Scott migrated to renewables from nonprofit fundraising, driven to make a difference personally. To align his skills and his personal values with his professional goals. To do good and get paid for it. An outdoorsman, kayaker and snowboarder, Scott’s love of nature drives his intentions. He is the man bringing solar to the lake.

Staten is delighted with this win; more than another contract, it is confirmation the company is on track, and on a good trek.

Smiles all around!….