The success of an organization is based on the quality of women it attracts and retains.  Everything else is posturing.

This is most obvious in the solar industry where failures are frequent and where bankruptcies consistently reflect the poor management style and hubris of men with more ego than good sense…

The first and foremost reason people leave their job is feeling unappreciated, irrelevant. Followed by bad bosses -as the saying goes, good people don’t quit their job, they quit their boss.



Solar is a gift, a shift in power, literally and figuratively. And in this transition phase from extracting technologies to shared energy (solar is democratic by definition), it looks like nurturing talents are a better fit to survive than muscle.

In a transition, relationship skills provide emotional stability, survival insights in the fog of chaos. Women are better equipped to deal with transitions than men.  With the vast majority of solar companies founded and led by strong headed men, convinced their way is the best, the only way, it is no wonder we witness so many shipwrecks.

From the dedicated marketing ops manager who puts in weekends and late nights to keep up with a double workload, and saves every salesperson when they can’t make a program work, to the project manager who drives a half day to the site of a key customer who reacts better to her than to anyone else in the company, to the operations manager who stays on a first name basis with all the construction crews and knows which vendors need a light touch, to the sales manager who engages all her clients and never lets go, to the director of engineering whose calm under fire saves the day, every day,

Staten honors its bright future.

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