Nothing spells well earned like permanent digs in Kauai.  Goodbye Silicon Valley stress, adieu solar rollercoaster frights, ciao daily meetings, auf wiedersehen waiting lines and excitable drivers.  

But only for the worthy. For those who can plan and execute flawlessly.  

Like Manish Gupta did, starting more than 3 years ago and whose exit skills were displayed last Thursday.

Staten’s Director of Operations and most respected procurement officer, traded his negotiation authority for a permanent slice of paradise. Suppliers worldwide are breathing sighs of relief in anticipation of improved margins.

Manish, an overachiever from way back (4.0 Masters in Computer Science, climbed Half Dome multiple times before knocking off Mt Kilimanjaro), approached his retirement milestones with the discipline of an Olympic athlete training for a medal, achieving the inner peace of a long distance runner a month prior the defining evening when his professional life was effectively drowned into a downpour of cocktails and well wishes in a seedy bar with questionable entertainment.

A boatload of pleasant and safe journey expressions accompany him all the way to his luxury condo.

All Staten world-wide.