This June 13 is a big lobby day in Sacramento for clean energy proponents. It is the day selected to press lawmakers to pass SB 100 which sets a goal for California to reach 100% of its energy needs from clean sources.

The lobbying effort starts June 11, online and through local action. And while only the most devoted agents will make the trek to Sacramento, anybody who cares to participate, from home or locally, is invited.

The list of volunteer organizations involved in the coalition to support the bill is long:

The legislation calls for to achieve its 50% renewable resources target by December 31, 2026, and to achieve a 60% target by December 31, 2030…it is the policy of the state that eligible renewable energy resources and zero-carbon resources supply 100% of retail sales of electricity to serve California end-use customers and electricity procured to serve all state agencies no later than December 31, 2045.

The issue, the importance, lies in the fact that the utilities have met their required targets and stopped acquiring renewable assets. New goals are needed to continue the transition into clean energy.

Check VoteSolar and, or the Sierra club among others for ways to participate: