Not always represented by a stunning cantilever, or an elegant curve, it also shows in mysterious boxes and relays and well designed interconnections that power machines, devices, tools at the flick of a switch.  Daily magic.

At an unimaginably low price. Some large solar deals are now being signed for less than 2 cents per kilowatt hour.

Converting photons into power for two pennies…(wholesale, not retail).

By design.

Engineers are changing the world. From the famous business chieftains who acquired their academic grounding in electrical engineering, like Mike Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, and of course, Elon Musk, to the more obscure William Denning, Ray Tomlinson and Nandan Nilkani. Men and women are designing new systems and processes that make life better, more interesting.  Including vertical takeoff and landing electric planes that will soon replace Uber over mid-range distances.

That is the way engineering works.  Except for its outcomes, it is invisible. Like solar systems, flat, immobile panels whose innards harvest sunlight without any moving parts, without a sound.

And so it is with Staten as well, where newly hired PE and structural engineers are implementing lean project management to improve efficiency while reducing cost.  The great mantra sung by the solar industry. Deliver maximum value with minimum waste, in decreased lead-time.

The development of an internal ‚Äú5 Diamond‚ÄĚ milestones tracking and planning tool that all the engineers and project managers can access, a cascading spreadsheet with key dates and lead-times, allowed Director of Engineering Cathy Le (an optical engineer), to cut down lead-times in half for one-off complex projects (one month down to two weeks), and standard projects to a couple of days.

The cost of modules drops by 20% every time global volume doubles (Swanson’s law), but will not drop to zero. The other component of costs must follow the same curve. And that is what engineers do, they inflect the downward slope of the cost curve so that solar can replace fossil fuels.


Staten engineering takes pride in the quality of its designs and the efficiency of its processes. Ultimately, it delivers more, at less cost, in less time.

To experience this quiet beauty, contact Staten directly, at 408-780-2889 in the US or 91 7042013418  L: 0124-2219060 in India.