Solar develops by fits and starts within segments; after rooftops and empty fields are converted, parking lots are the next underutilized assets to become popular.

The majority of systems Staten built have been ground-mounts, in California, in India, and soon in Africa. For large systems, economics favor solar farms, or solar gardens.  So long as there is space to spread thousands of panels, this won’t change. But In urban environment where space is at a premium, carports and canopies are becoming much more accepted in .


What’s not to like?  Shade for the cars and reduced electric bills. Payback in five years or less most of the time.


The concept comes across nicely in the heat of summer.


Staten is experiencing a surge of interest for carports and canopies across California. A welcomed phenomenon. Not just for the increase in business, but for the signal it portends.  Shaded parking lots mean less fossil fuel energy consumed.


Solar carports and solar canopies are different. And both can come in any shape or size. Canopies are structures with solar ceilings and do not have anything to do with cars.


Staten designs and builds its own structures. In the end, because each project is custom and because it is a better model to control and deliver consistent quality.


Canopies are designed to meet an esthetic standard and fit a specific environment.


For example, Staten is working on a net zero, green headquarter in Mountain View that integrates the underside of bi-facial panels into the design of the entry to create a sophisticated natural lighting impression.

Concurrently, it is designing a canopy for a swim club, in addition to the rooftop system, that will serve to define the outdoor hosting space for the private venue.


At the same time, functional carports, less costly and less demanding visually, are in design for construction in the next few months for gas stations, including one which is exploring the inclusion of a mist system, like in fancy fragrance shops, so patrons will be refreshed as they pump gas….


Carport season is underway.


Staten is building six barebone industrial grade carports for a farm labor housing project in Castroville and just starting the design to cover the parking lot of a medical office building in Hayward whose patients will appreciate the benefit of cooler cars after their visit.


Good marketing and sound environmental strategy.

Each structure is different and requires custom planning. Depending on the nature of the soil, footings may need to go as much as 20ft deep. Only the geotechnical survey conducted before each build can determine the design of the foundation. Two separate commercial projects Staten is bidding on this quarter require carports to be tall enough to be used as parking space for 50 ft semis.  They will not have built in misting capabilities….


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