Solar’s Surge: California’s Vision Ignites National Revolution

Introduction The year 2023 is proving to be a turning point in the world of energy, marked by both California's ambitious green goals and the remarkable ascent of solar energy throughout the United States. In this article, we will explore two interconnected stories that share a common theme: the growing influence of solar power in [...]

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Solar for All New Parking Lots and Highways

A Look at Recent Bills in Rhode Island and California A recent bill proposed in Rhode Island called the Solar Neighborhoods Act suggests that all newly constructed buildings and parking lots over 16,000 square feet should have solar panels.   Likewise in California, Senate Bill 49 has been introduced to support tax credits for solar canopies [...]

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Cruise Powers Its Self-Driving Electric Cars with Solar Energy from California Farms

"Farm to Fleet" All-electric, self-driving vehicles in San Francisco and family-owned farms in California’s Central Valley may not appear to have much in common. Nestled among citrus groves and vineyards in California’s agriculture heartland are rows of solar panels that are now powering Cruise’s all-electric AV fleet. Cruise is a shared, self-driving, all-electric vehicle [...]

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California’s Grid Problem: 1 effective way to overcome it.

California and Texas are identical! Sounds weird, but this is true. They may be worlds apart in their politics and climate policies, but one thing they have in common: they both can’t withstand extreme weather. The power grid in both states has left its people stranded in the dark, whether it is the most [...]

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