Timing is everything

The economics of solar conversion are driven by government incentives. While the price of modules keeps dropping and reaching parity with grid electricity so that incentives will not matter much longer, the fact is that conversion is still subsidized, and that we can calculate exactly how much less a US system will save today as [...]

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Cost of Waiting

It increases over time, not the other way around. Take the case of a mid-sized California business in the Bay area, with revenues of $55MM, paying PG&E $550,000 a year in electricity, 1 percent of sales, for 3MW of power, or 18.3 cents a kWh in 2017.  Not unusual for this size customer in PGE [...]

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US Solar Weathers Tariff Squall

In its just released “US Solar Market Insights” report, SEIA and GTM show that solar grew 13% year over year, but registered a 37% quarter over quarter decrease (last quarter was the largest ever), and that 55% of all new generating capacity added last quarter came from solar, the second quarter solar registered the largest [...]

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Connecting the clean energy dots

Solar is getting smarter. The grid is structured on old business models which cannot deliver low cost electricity on the west coast. Entrenched interests prevent regulatory upgrades. The market is chipping away at the status quo. Battery software defines storage quality; better inverters synchronize production, usage and storage for their client while enabling the [...]

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Distributed Solar Trends

Overall, the transition out of fossil fuels and into electrification continues at a rapid pace and, for distributed solar in particular, the future looks bright.  Not without clouds and daunting regulation obstacles, but shiny nonetheless. There will be pockets with temporary adjustments for residential and small commercial solar according to Paula Mints, founder and chief [...]

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Tariff Fog

In what may now look like a signature Trump reversal, the Section 301 tariffs targeting $150 B in Chinese goods have been placed on hold. This hold relates to the Intellectual Property challenge raised by the administration, it is not about the steel and aluminum Tariffs. The tariffs placed on hold are separate from the [...]

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US business continues shift to solar

Recently released SEIA Solar Means Business Report shows 2017 was the third largest year on record for new installations with 325MW deployed by large corporations. 5 of the top 25 corporate users were national retail chains led by Target which added over 40 MW of solar to its stores. Amazon placed third for new installations [...]

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Lobby Power

The Great Transition into an electrified economy is underway, but proceeding faster in some states than others. And no movement, backward or forward, takes place in this industry without the input of expert lobbyists. Every state has its own energy regulations, its own economic goals, its own priorities. The US energy map is a quilt [...]

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Community Solar

Decentralization Strategies, a three part series Part One: Community Solar Part Two: Corporate Creativity The fastest growing segment of the US solar industry in 2017 was community solar. According to a Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) report based on cooperative procurement in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, community solar gardens are large enough (0.5Mw to 5MW) [...]

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Electric Distribution Bottlenecks April 25, 2018

The Great Transition out of fossil fuels is accelerating with China and India leading the way in solar and with Europe considered best prepared to overcome challenges imposed by operating legacy infrastructure. This according to the World Economic Forum’s Effective Energy Transition report, based on analytical support from McKinsey & Co who assessed the energy [...]

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