100% Clean Energy by 2045

  This June 13 is a big lobby day in Sacramento for clean energy proponents. It is the day selected to press lawmakers to pass SB 100 which sets a goal for California to reach 100% of its energy needs from clean sources. The lobbying effort starts June 11, online and through local action. And [...]

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The Quiet Beauty of Engineering

Not always represented by a stunning cantilever, or an elegant curve, it also shows in mysterious boxes and relays and well designed interconnections that power machines, devices, tools at the flick of a switch.  Daily magic. At an unimaginably low price. Some large solar deals are now being signed for less than 2 cents per [...]

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Tribes build sideways

There are uncountable ways companies can fail, especially in new industries like renewables, but only a finite number of ways any company will succeed. There are plenty of tactics to find customers, some more efficient than others and some more expensive than others. Attracting the right customer is a strategic choice. A few companies prevail [...]

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Carport Season

  Solar develops by fits and starts within segments; after rooftops and empty fields are converted, parking lots are the next underutilized assets to become popular. The majority of systems Staten built have been ground-mounts, in California, in India, and soon in Africa. For large systems, economics favor solar farms, or solar gardens.  So long [...]

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Electrifying Transportation

The worldwide market for plug-in vehicles is taking off with over 312,000 units sold in the first quarter, a 59% increase over Q1 2017. While the total 2017 market represents only 2 million vehicles, with China and India rushing in, and growing 50 % YOY, the goal of 100 million electric vehicles by 2030 set [...]

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Renewables now employ over 10 million worldwide

The transition to renewables is a profound phenomenon. Clean energy addresses climate change, generates savings, disrupts fossil fuel interests, and helps lift the economy. According to the annual review conducted by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), 500,000 jobs were added in 2017. A 5.3% increase over the prior year, which itself grew at 21% [...]

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Three little letters that trigger the time to celebrate… The process to solarize any property, regardless of size, from warehouse rooftop to solar farm, follows set milestones along highly customized paths that vary from one project to the next. The path is seldom flat and never entirely smooth. From the moment a project becomes a [...]

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Two significant news broke last week carrying intrinsic messages of hope:

Two significant news broke last week carrying intrinsic messages of hope: Tuesday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions (FERC) revealed that 95% of all the new electrical plants built in the first quarter of 2018 were powered by renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, hydro, geothermal). As far as building new plants to generate electricity, coal is [...]

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Sharad’s Recruitment

India is on a solar tear. Even after a possible slow down in 2018, it will outpace the US in total growth. India’s central government’s push into solar power will place it ahead of Japan in total capacity. Its goal is to build at more than twice the rate of the US and Japan combined. [...]

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From the Trenches

Staten is expanding. Two warehouses are now operational in northern California that will store up to 400kW worth of modules and equipment. It may seem odd to share excitement about adding warehouses, but in this industry, in this market, where the news of tariffs woes, entropy and failed solar companies gone bankrupt are part of [...]

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