Reality of Trade Wars

The tariffs imposed by Trump are upsetting the economic equilibrium and, combined with the Iran oil banking sanctions, could triggger a recession. Beijing, June 24 (AFP) Jun 24, 2018 China's central bank announced last Sunday it would reduce the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) for most banks by 50 basis points to free up funding for [...]

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Meanwhile in India

With 1.3 billion people, India is the world’s third largest consumer of electricity.  450 million ceiling fans are running and 40 million sold each year.  Indians use 8x as much electricity as they did fifty years ago. Demand for power is growing at the same rate as in France and Germany. Source: India has [...]

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Pure, clean Win!

Yesterday, the South Lake Tahoe city council voted unanimously to award its first solar project to Staten Solar: its airport. This vote of confidence is the result of months of patient attention, personal dedication, and sunny determination by Staten’s rainmaker, Scott Dubois. The man does not sell, he builds trust and helps his clients reach [...]

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Sweet Mess

“Miss Protectionist Policy, please meet our friend Mr. Market Forces, you two should make an entertaining couple.” Average commercial module prices in the US at end of 2017 were $0.45 per watt, decreasing 5-6% per year. Source: Tariffs on solar modules announced by the Trump administration in January went into effect Feb 7.  They [...]

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The Gems

  The success of an organization is based on the quality of women it attracts and retains.  Everything else is posturing. This is most obvious in the solar industry where failures are frequent and where bankruptcies consistently reflect the poor management style and hubris of men with more ego than good sense… The first and [...]

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While the current President is threatening to slap tariffs on friend and foe alike, and crafting a bail out plan for the coal and nuclear industry at the expense of now cheaper renewables, Staten Solar believes it may be helpful to point out the following: Over the last year, France, the UK, China, Ireland, Scotland, [...]

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Tropics Calling

Nothing spells well earned like permanent digs in Kauai.  Goodbye Silicon Valley stress, adieu solar rollercoaster frights, ciao daily meetings, auf wiedersehen waiting lines and excitable drivers.   But only for the worthy. For those who can plan and execute flawlessly.   Like Manish Gupta did, starting more than 3 years ago and whose exit [...]

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100% Clean Energy by 2045

  This June 13 is a big lobby day in Sacramento for clean energy proponents. It is the day selected to press lawmakers to pass SB 100 which sets a goal for California to reach 100% of its energy needs from clean sources. The lobbying effort starts June 11, online and through local action. And [...]

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The Quiet Beauty of Engineering

Not always represented by a stunning cantilever, or an elegant curve, it also shows in mysterious boxes and relays and well designed interconnections that power machines, devices, tools at the flick of a switch.  Daily magic. At an unimaginably low price. Some large solar deals are now being signed for less than 2 cents per [...]

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Tribes build sideways

There are uncountable ways companies can fail, especially in new industries like renewables, but only a finite number of ways any company will succeed. There are plenty of tactics to find customers, some more efficient than others and some more expensive than others. Attracting the right customer is a strategic choice. A few companies prevail [...]

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